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Sharing posts to social media

Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago updated by Seazar Toma (セザ トマ) 7 years ago 3

Hello, everyone! We've been looking at what users think about having a quick button to share to social media. From the poll we had, a lot of users were for it.

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The poll is still running, but there's definitely a desire to be able to share art quickly and easily, resulting in several benefits:

  • Posts will reach people on social media, providing links back to the original artwork. This will get you more views, more attention, and potentially more commissions.
  • You won't need to rely solely on FN users to share submissions. If you don't have many followers on FN but have a good crew on social media, you can reach that group in just a couple of clicks.
  • As posts are shared, the site will likely gain more members and grow. Growth helps everyone who uses the site.

There are a few things I want to discuss when working on this to see exactly how we would implement it.

Should all submissions be shareable?

I personally lean towards yes, and here's why. When furries go to browse FN, they should have a set of expectations for how the site will work. If they can share some posts on social media but can't with others, it'll make the tool much less valuable - why browse with the intent to share if I can't on some images?

In addition, galleries inherently are about sharing; users upload submissions because they want others to view those submissions.

Finally, any submissions uploaded to the gallery can still be downloaded and shared; without a formalized way to do it, though, there's a higher chance someone will do that without giving you credit or posting a link to find your profile. 

I understand some submissions are meant to be private; we do have an unlisted category, and we may wish to prevent sharing to social media for those. 

What sites should we be able to share to?

Twitter is the big one - more furries use it than any other service, and they tend to be alright with a wide variety of content. If there's enough demand, we can look at other sites, as well.

-How you gonna organize between the [NSFW & SFW] stuff?

-The users privacy of sharing photos? some who don't like others to share by their names! ?
-Adding the ability of " Sharing " of each photo by letting it on or off so it reach the other sites or not, as choosing witch site you like to share to or sharing in general automatically to get more views
-How you gonna take the feedback of your posts ?

Under review

Seazar, thank you for the questions. Let's see what I can address:

  • Since users would choose what art to share on their social media page, they get to choose if they share SFW or NSFW content. For example, if your Twitter account is for SFW content, just don't click to share NSFW pictures on Twitter.
  • In most cases, people uploading artwork to a gallery want to be seen more often. Users have the option to leave submissions unlisted, meaning others can't see it without a direct link. I'm wondering - does anyone want their pictures shared without having their name attached? I think the great majority would want at least the link back to their gallery.
  • I talked about the option of disabling sharing in the above post; personally, I think there are more cons than pros, but I'd like to hear others' opinions.
  • For feedback, do you mean how would staff take it? We try to listen to everyone's opinions and make a choice that will work best for the community.

well ...then there is not much to give ...
as long as furry network is will connect to all social media and give much of view this is a great step it self ....
and most of the accounts be for both [NSFW & SFW]