Allow character name changes

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Furries are creative people, and sometimes they rename their characters. Can FurryNetwork support character name changes? If there are valid reasons (and I'm sure there are) for not wanting too many name changes, perhaps it can only be permitted once in awhile.

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Edit: derp, this is how to change the DISPLAY name, not the username. Ignore this response!


This is currently implemented, actually. Click "Edit my Profile" from the top menu:

One thing we haven't implemented yet is actual username changes (Eg, for me, it's @varka). This is something we'd likely support in the future, though it'd likely be performed by contacting an admin via our ticket system.

With apologies for the delay, username changes are what I was referring to. :3 I like having my username in sync with my display name, and I'm sure many people do too. That's always complicated on the backend though. If it can be done, that would be great.


Oh derp - sorry, misunderstood the question! Reopened the topic - and merged some other threads which were asking for a way to change their username on the site.

Just adding a thumbs-up for this topic. Took a couple times to find the "right" topic, there's still a couple duplicates out there.

Good to know that username changes would likely be supported sometime in the future. Hope that future isn't too far away!