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One thing I have seen frequently on other art sites is an artist and commissioner / requester / gift receiver both posting duplicate copies of a picture. Because of this a lot of people end up following both accounts without any indication of who the artist is except in descriptions.

It would be really cool (since Furry Network seems to be a fusion of social media and an art gallery and seeing as it already has a commissions page in the works) if there was a focus on not just the artists but the people who paid the artists to art as well.

The main reason I suggest this is because I have noticed that I along side following the artists I love I also tend to follow commissioners who no matter which artist they go with tend to always request either similar themed pictures or pictures involving characters they own. While these people do not themselves create they art they do contribute to the community by sharing their creative ideas.

The second reason I suggest this is that a lot of artists not only draw art but commission other artists or receive gift art of their own. Whenever an artist receives art there is always the question of what to do with it. If they post it to their gallery it becomes mixed in with art they actually created. Some artists post to scraps but I'm sure a lot just don't post it.

What I am suggesting:

  • A completely independent section from their main submissions designated to commissions and requests.
  • A way to list both the artist and commissioner on the submission.
  • (possibly) both the option to share a single submission post with the artist and the option to have independent posts (depending on preference)
  • (or) just the independent posts.
  • A tie in to the already being worked on commissions page.
  • A way to not delete a shared submission for the other person if someone wants to delete it from their gallery.
  • A way for either artist or commissioner to be allowed to remove their name from a work if they wish to be anonymous

Don't know how easy this would be to implement and not entirely sure how the rules would work out but I would love to see anyone who has an idea be able to take the spotlight... Not just the ones with drawing talent.

If you like this idea please leave a thumbs up. Also if anyone else has suggestions i'd love to hear them below!

Another possible suggestion is if you do a joint page for a submission have a place for both the artist description and the commissioner's description and only split it if one person chooses to remove it from their gallery.

Also offer an option to split it if the artist or commissioner make changes to the file.

The details will need to be worked out for this type of system to avoid any sort of issues but the idea in general would be to give people who create ideas their fair share of the spotlight and not just the artists.


there's a similar idea thread, based around the idea of 'tagging' people on an image, here: https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/1120-ability-to-tag-users-involved-in-a-submission/

...which spawned out of the 'Collab Commissions' suggestion, which is marked as a duplicate of it (and involved some pretty heavy permissions handling to cover mutual submissions).

I'll leave this one separate for now to see if it goes in a productive direction!


What I was thinking was less along the lines of giving credit (though that's important) and more along the lines of separating the drawn from the received and giving the buyers a place to showcase their stuff and not just the sellers (with possibly a way to link favorites and comment threads though that could make the system really messy).

The cheapest / simplest way to implement this idea would be a simple checkbox on each upload that says if it you be put in "made" or "received". After that a "module" could be made for the user profiles to showcase "Works Received"

(though giving credit is a very important part of it)

Pictures I have drawn myself

Pictures I have bought or were given to me

As you can see I have quite a few pictures in both category. As of right now galleries are all centered around the artist. Commissioners are allowed to upload work to their gallery but if they draw as well there is no way to distinguish art by them from art by others without mixing them into their gallery.