Can't Delete Story Submissions

BrockTanuki 8 years ago updated by Varka (Spokesdragon) 8 years ago 3

I wrote up a short little story and put it into my public folder. From there, I was still able to edit it to my heart's content, but a day later, when I decided to simply delete the submission, it wouldn't budge. I've had to resort to stuffing it into my Unlisted folder in order to hide it for now.

No 500 Error or anything, I'm just returned to my submissions list after hitting delete. I have seen the Public/Unlisted/Draft folders take a second or two to update, but this goes beyond that.

Same issue. No trashcan appears to delete stories in the Edit screen.


Whoops. That's a fairly criticial feature....

Bumping this to our development team, stat!