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It seems to be working for me right now - I wonder if it's a local or account-specific issue:

I'll be sure to hit up our development team with Dari and see what's going on with it.

Any console errors or output from that? It seems to be working okay here:

I'm wondering what might be causing it... possibly something to do with the blacklist, or content ratings or something?

This has been completed! See full announcement here:

This feature has been completed! :D

Check it out - you can now publish 'blocks' on your profile that do different things:

Let us know what you think - and thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

Hey all!

Thanks for all of your feedback on this. Our team's come up with the following suggestion - which is kind of what we originally had in mind, but could never get the terminology right!


Rename features as follows:

- Favorite --> Save for Later

- Promote --> Favorite

Change feature functionality as follows:

- Save for Later will not notify the uploader, or show up as a count on the submission, or be otherwise visible

- Favorite will notify the uploader and show up as a count (with list of who favorited it) on the submission

- New tab will be added to the Homepage, "Favorites from people you follow", which will show a feed of images from people you follow

- Favorites tab on Homepage renamed to "Saved for Later"


We took into account a lot of different viewpoints and suggestions - 'private faves' is a feature that we got an overwhelming positive response to, but we feel it's important to balance that with the desires of artists who want to know who favorited their work and why, as part of the feedback process.

The original goal of 'favorites' was to make it so you could fave art without having to worry about it being public, while still giving you the ability to show your support to the creator when you find something amazing. This change should balance that better with the feedback loop and discovery tool of favorites.

Do you like it? Let us know - so we can proceed with this, and get the 3-4 items that depend on this (including user profile pages) unblocked!



Great feedback everyone - lots of very important and very relevant points made here. Thank you!

I'll bring this up with the developoment team and see what we can come up with.


Oh that's a great point - faves, promotes and comments are tied to an image; definitely don't want to lose them!

yeah whoops - my bad. Forgot to change the status to "completed"!

We found and killed a huge performance-destroying bug relating to all 400,000 of the tags on the site being loaded on each page view, which made everything run reallllly slowly. Yay!

More info here: