Some artwork not displaying (different than the popular bug)

Neotheta 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 5

Here you can see that I have published this piece into my gallery (all of these are published):

Image 297

However the pic (and also one of the tigers) is not displaying in my gallery tab, not in recent or popular filters:

Image 298

The pic also does not come up in sitewide search:

Image 299

The only way I can find the piece displaying is either direct linking or view the folder where the pic is in:

Image 300

Other notes:

* The two dragon pics have the exact same dimensions, name, description and tags. So do the other pairs of drawings that are displaying (except the other tiger is not showing either) -> so it can't be related to identical info.

Under review

This is a known bug that we're working on fixing!

It seems to be working for me right now - I wonder if it's a local or account-specific issue:

I'll be sure to hit up our development team with Dari and see what's going on with it.

I tested with my tablet and I'm getting a different search results than with desktop - on my tablet I seem to find all the pictures from both my desktop search and your search.

Under review

We've had some site updates, and all of the submissions have been reindexed. Right now, everything should be working correctly; I see those images in the character's gallery. Could you check and see if you have any other issues? If not, we can likely consider this fixed!


At this point, we believe that the issue is resolved. If you are still seeing issues, though, feel free to comment here, and we'll revisit this.