Rotation or Time Limit on Popular Artwork

GhostYote 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 10

Since I have joined FN the Popular Artwork page seems to be almost completely static.

I would propose a change that would allow newer artwork that has garnered interest to be displayed more prominently on that page.

Another possibility might be to have seperate pages for Recently Popular and Most Popular of All Time.

I believe such a change would help this site grow and allow artists to reach a larger audience.

Completely Agree. The popular page hasn't moved more than a piece of art or two since I started following this site. It's kind of silly.

My guess is that some of those were your earliest pieces, so they got favorited a lot by early users, and your site doesn't down filter them aggressively enough to overcome the numbers. Eventually it might fix itself, but obviously not fast enough. You could use a filter by date option.

Under review

I'm almost positive this is not intentional.

Maybe there was an performance issue or something else, but this art used to show popular in last month, instead of lifetime.

My guess is that within update or few, user will be able to chose timeframe to display.

I'll check on it.

The content used to be displayed with a sort of calculation freshness+promotions but they seemed to take it away some time ago.

What I'd actually like to see is different browing categories: all time popular (like now), best from this year, best this month and day. This is cause not everyone browses furry sites daily, or even monthly, having longer lasting categories gives good examples of what kind of amazing work there is in the fandom, but having daily categories serves those who visit frequently: We need both.

Some kind of change definitely needs to be made. I don't even bother looking at Popular anymore because it's always the exact same content.

Anything going to be done about this? My home page is still exactly the same as when I posted that image two weeks ago...

This affects the user experience greatly. Seems like a key feature to fix. If artists aren't found on this site, and users don't see the best latest art, then the whole appeal of the site is somewhat null. Artists aren't going to post if they don't get to be seen, and users aren't going to come to the site if they can't find good art.. !

We are still aware!

The system needed some tweaking and was removed for the moment.

It will be back up to time-frame promotes rather than at all time(or even better- Optional), I just can't tell you when exactly at this moment. :)

Now it seems they randomly removed some of the pieces from the popular section, but I can't find any logic behind this. A pic from 2015 is still there while pieces posted in 2016 with more promotes are gone ?? The pics aren't removed from the site either.


...besides that, I'm not really sure. :)

Lets wait for developers to release some info about this!


This has taken a while, but this is now resolved; the popular feeds now update in real time to represent the popularity of the submissions on the site.