Overall Site Improvements

Martyn 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 8 years ago 1

I believe that the best way to display the content shown in Collections would be to center it, that's just my own opinion though, as well as giving the user the option in their account settings to change to pagination for browsing (the arrow being that system.)

The biggest improvement that I feel could made to the way the Collection page functions is that the search area can by closed (with a line at the right to open it again), this could be done by hovering on it or by clicking a link. It's such a big search area that hiding it would allow users to focus more on the content displayed.

Dashboard (Area on Login)
So this area has to section to it, the top right drop-down and the left hand navigation.

I'm going to start with the left section. Overall I feel the order of the links in that section is the biggest issue, along with the headers used, so I've made my own idea of what I feel could be a better way to display the links. Logout should also be displayed there, as there is nothing wrong with having it in two places, it enables new users to logout easier without having to search for the link.

In relation to the right section, I would love it if the "about" and "logout" links were swapped around as it seems illogical to put them in their current order. The links in this section are different as well because (in my opinion) you are more likely to go to your dashboard in order to look at your favorites and what's new. Account Management would be the best name for the section these links are in.

Profile Pages & Submission Pages coming soon.


Hi there!

Please break this topic into separate ideas and submit them individually! That way, it's much easier for people to vote and comment on the suggestions rather than "I like this part, but not the other one, here's not my upvote!".

I'll be setting this up as declined, but it doesn't mean it's bad ideas, we'd just like them submitted individually.