What is a "Scope"?

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Under the commission section there are the terms "Pending Scope Approval", "Scope accepted" and "Scope Rejected". I am not a native English speaker and I don't know what it means. I've tried to translate it online, but I still can't feature it out. I've never heard it elsewhere either. Please, can someone define the term and tell me what it has to do with commissions?



Right now, we're going to stay with the term "Scope of Work." We also have commission guides and rules that will lay out how the scope should be used; these will be released when we begin testing.

In this context, the word scope is referring to the phrase "Scope of Work." Now, I'm not 100% clear on what FN in particular is doing with this phrase, but I'm going to infer based on what the phrase means. The way I understand it, when a commissioner requests a commission from an artist and says, "I want my picture or story to include ___, ___, and ___," the commissioner is describing the scope of work he wants for his commission. The artist can choose to accept this scope of work and include these things in the piece, or reject it. If anyone finds me to be incorrect here, please correct me!


So the scope basically is the "amount/extent of content" that artist and commissioner eventually agree upon or not? As in "commissioner wants something - artist doesn't want to do it = Scope Rejected" or "Both agree upon discussed content = Scope Accepted"?

That's the way I understand it, yes. :)

Thank you very much! That helped me a lot.


The terminology we are using right now is flexible, as we haven't launched the feature 'for real' yet. If you have better ideas for what to name them, speak up!

One idea I had was to use "Quote" instead of "Scope".

If the definition Simplemind and I described is correct, how about "Plan," or "Idea?" That is plainer language. I don't see a problem at all with using "Scope" but you'd just have to be clear about what you mean by that. Websites and communities make their own terminology all the time.

Or simply use "Request"?

New Requests

Pending Request Approval

Request Accepted

Request Rejected


I think that would work. Alternatively "Idea" is also easily understandable and applicable.

PS: Would be good to stay with simple terms for site features etc., since the fandom is an international one and not everyone speaks English well enough to understand everything. Also, just as an idea for the long run, the ability to toggle languages on the site would be a great feature. Kind of like it's possible with SoFurry. There sure are a few community members out there that could help!

I'd stay away from Request since it's got the connotation of "free artwork" in most online circles. YMMV though.

Quote makes more sense to me. I've never heard 'scope' used in reference to commissions and I wouldn't have known what it meant either.

Scope is a pretty cool word but will sure cause some confusion. You kinda get what it means if you're familiar with how commissioning works already and you look at the feature. So I think people could really get used to it too.

Quote and Request are the common words I've heard used within the fandom for pre-commissioning. Request is the cusomers explanation of what they'd like and quote is when artists gives a price for the request, more precisely.

Sometimes requests get confused for free art.

I think you could keep scope as the word, it'd go great especially if you'd have commissioners and artist first read through a short 'how to guide' before they can commission or set up commissions page. With general etiquette and simple explanation of how things work out. < I think I'll actually make a suggestion for this separately, I'll name it "Etiquette guide before selling/buying commissions"

There's another idea floating around about Tooltip help thingies for new users. A little explanation there, and a little ? link to bring the tooltip up again, could easily explain the Scope term and keep people in the know about what it is.

I think a tool tip or description would help. I hope they keep the term, it is a pretty standard term in the business world. I like the idea that the site is bring a more professional feel to how comissions are being done.


Right now, we're going to stay with the term "Scope of Work." We also have commission guides and rules that will lay out how the scope should be used; these will be released when we begin testing.