live stream area

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Maybe as part of the community tab. I know this is a bigger idea. But, live streaming directly to FurryNetwork. All attached to your account and such. Live comments etc.

Maybe a STREAM tab of its own? With SFW and NSFW sections with a confirm for NSFW stuff, ya know the usuals.

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It shouldn't be too ambitious to hack together something to allow embedded LiveStream or Twitch or whatever the hell players. What'd really be something is if FN could set up some kind of partnership or something with Picarto, though.


Streaming takes a lot of resources from the server - so if this became a thing FN would need to put quite some money to a server that could do it.

Perhaps make a deal with furstre.am and embed their players, their style actually goes nicely together with FN. Or let users generally embed their players from their preferred stream site. Such as I use my own player and irc chat.

Stream notifications would be nice tho :D

(although they kinda work nicely via regular posts here, but stuff like adding a screenshot of what your working on would be a cool addition)

I don't know if it's strictly possible but it would be excellent if there was an option to integrate with the most popular streaming services (twitch, picarto, tigerdile, etc.) that automatically detected when your linked account was streaming and displayed it as a list of users currently streaming.


If you can pull data from say, picarto, furstream and tigerdile (possibly livestream too but I'd rather see that dinosaur go extinct) then that would be amazing for this site!

Yeah a "Live Now"-notifications sounds nice.

Something like the Artist switch the "I'm Live now"-Button and put some Infos into the Description (Livestream-Link, Title, ...)

A search section for Livestream (Title, SFW/NSFW , Description, Tags, ... ) would be awesome.

I don't know what you can do with the Twitch API but maybe read Views-Count, Notifications, Title, ...