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Ticket not getting any response

griffiewolf 8 years ago updated by Dari (Systems Admin) 8 years ago 2

So I placed a ticket in about 6 months ago and it hasn't been responded to in almost 2 months; I was having an issue with the data transfer and figured out what might have been my issue. I'd asked them to stop the transfer so I can try again but that was 3 weeks ago now, no one seems to be answering me here or on Twitter. Could I please get my data transfer stopped so I can try again to restart it, and please I hope this will help tickets from getting forgotten about in the future it's very disconcerting and questioning if I even want my main gallery here.

Thank you for the support

A month ago Dari told me that all the devs are having a break from FN to work on other projects they got - so maybe that's the reason for the silentness. The site's still on beta so I'm guessing they don't have an all-time active moderator team yet?

If you're talking about the import system - judging by the other threads here the feature isn't functioning atm (and been that way a good while).

Under review

This did end up getting settled (correct me if I'm wrong Griffiewolf) - for the time being, the importer is pretty particular about what it wants, and it can fail in a number of ways. Generally clearing out stuck imports and having people run them again under the right conditions (e.g. classic theme) fixes any weird failures. :)