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Offer ad space.

Ryuu Girl 8 years ago updated by Neotheta 7 years ago 3

I've been waiting weeks to here back from FA on adspace. Sick of the misleading 3 day maximum wait, I want to throw my money at someone who is willing to take it.

I would be 100% for artist exclusive ad space, even if it's only 1 or 2 spaces that cycle through a number of ads. Or if that's not an option, maybe have a page exclusively for artists to have paid ad space (cause to be totally honest, I'm not sure where with the current layout there's any space for such a thing o.o)

Or or or, just going on an idea tangent here... perhaps they can have (once the commission feature is public of course) artists have the option to buy-in to have their commissions displayed on top of the list, or something! There's a lot of options to be had with this sorta thing! Would love to see people share their own solutions! :D

But otherwise, yeah totally. Something like this please. A HUGE part of why I stay on FA is because there's always artist ad's that keep me active on there, whether its because im finding new artists or have an easy way to spread to a much larger audience. But the person in charge of their ah, ad space is... really. Ah. Not responsive... >.>
And I also think its a huge part of why FA is still so widely used. What other furry site offers this sorta thing to their artists? :/

Under review

I know this is something we've discussed as staff, and site advertisements aren't currently planned as part of the business model. In general, staff wants to keep the site sharp and clean, and advertising often becomes intrusive. However, I do think it's something we can discuss again.

One thing that has come up, though, is the possibility of paid accounts for people who are offering commissions; this way, people who are throwing their lives into their work have the chance to be more visible. We've also talked about cross-promotion with other websites and verified accounts. I feel there are ways that we can help people get more attention, and more brainstorming is definitely welcome.


Thumbs up! Either this or something else that helps artists get more exposure: More artwork sorters such as daily popular, staff picks/highlights, a feature page where artists can request to get on or suggested. Contests could work aswell such as for the sign in picture, rotate each month or two! Or somekind of newsletter delivered to everyone including other news and artists picks of the month.

People also want to support the site with money, ads are a really nice way to do it (we want to help speed up development somehow!)