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Stopped recieving notifications

Neotheta 8 years ago updated by Dari (Systems Admin) 8 years ago 5

Since a day ago (I can't find a more specific timing sorry) I've stopped receiving new notifications for favorites, promotes, comments, mentions and follows. :s

update: i can see the new notifications when using chrome on android

Under review

If that's the case, I'd try clearing out your cache.

After the site forced me to log in again the notifications started working on desktop c:

I figured out the answer for this! The site sometimes logs you out but still displays as if you were still logged in - you see everything but interactive features don't work: notification or uploading pics (I tried to upload stuff yesterday and it gave me an 'unanthrorized' error - turned out I wasn't actually logged in anymore).

The confusing part of this is that you can refresh some pages and it still wont show you logged out. There's a similar issue with characters where you see yourself browsing as another character than what you actually are using.

Closing the tab for the site works (all tabs with the site), but this should still be fixed - it's very confusing!

Hmm, interesting. I'll add this to the list of things to look at after development starts again.