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Some "popular" works missing from popularity feeds

Neotheta 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

This has happened after the last big update, it seems that all my work except the ones submitted after update have vanished from being in any popular feeds there are on site. This is not only me either, there are other artists I notice having the same issue, such as Caraid and Tartii - only a couple of their pieces are displaying.


Here is my most popular piece, it's displaying normally in my personal gallery's recent view mode:

Image 290

However it does not show in my gallery if filtered via popularity - actually, most of my other pieces are more popular than these two submitted after the update:

Image 291

It seems to also have vanished from the main site popular page, along with my other submissions except the two latest ones, and this cannot be due to it's oldness because there are much much older pieces featured here:

Image 292

Under review

We're already working on fixing this bug!