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Headings Markdown not working

Ernos 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4


I was posting one of my stories, today, and I wanted to use the headings markdowns for my title, but noticed that no matter if I was doing "#' , "##" or "###" in front of my title, the same style would come out, the Heading 1 style. 

What I wrote :

Image 387

The result :

Image 388

What is shown in the markdowns syntax list, at the bottom of the submission content:

Image 389

I am using Google Chrome, on Windows 7. In case that helps

Under review

Ernos, thank you for letting us know about this. Could you possibly create a published or unlisted example and link that for us? That way, it would help us see exactly what you're seeing in the file.

I appreciate your help!

Digby, here's the link to the public example I made with the 3 different types of headings:


I hope this is the right link.

I still see the three different markdowns as the same ones, in case that brings any more details!

I hope you'll find anything interesting!

I appreciate it, Ernos! I'm thinking that since we're revamping the system and adding a WYSIWYG editor for stories and journals, that will likely fix the problem; I'm hoping we're able to get that together in the next few months.

Oh, I see! ^^

Well, I hope this is it indeed, and that it's not another (and maybe worse for you guys) problem!

Thanks for your help!

Have a nice day!