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ActivityPub Support

Takyoji 7 years ago updated by Issac Sarrowtail 6 years ago 2

As FurryNetwork seeks feedback for different approaches for social media integration, I would recommend implementing ActivityPub support. ActivityPub is a recent standard by a working group of the W3C, as a federated social networking protocol, as a simpler, cleaner successor to OStatus. It would allow the ability to federate with emerging networks such as Mastodon, and anyone else that chooses to adopt it.

It can be implemented in a simple broadcast-only fashion, if desired, such as for having a means of artists being able to publish to any subscribers of any newly posted content. Or go even further, with allowing fully federated commenting (of course, anti-spam concepts can be implemented, such as with having server whitelists/blacklists, moderation queue, etc).

Secondarily, it would also provide a standardized protocol for accessing updates on FurryNetwork from third-party mobile clients, in the same style of a Twitter client.

ActivityPub is a fairly minimal JSON API, which has both a client-to-server protocol (for having a mobile/desktop client) and server-to-server protocol (for federation), using a basic metaphor of an inbox and outbox. There's also considerations for efficiently delivering updates, such as sending a message once to a remote server, for all subscribers on that other server, versus individually sending the same message to each subscriber on the same remote server individually, and so on. It's also a fairly extensible protocol, as it follows JSON-LD syntax, thus you can add any vendor-specific extensions, if needed.

To find more information on the spec, you can find it at: https://www.w3.org/TR/activitypub/

If there's any questions about specifics with the protocol, feel free to discuss directly. The working group that's in charge of developing the standard is also fairly contactable via IRC/WebChat as well (especially for feedback on the standard).

Under review

Takyoji, thank you for letting us know about this option. I'm meeting with developers tomorrow, and I'll bring this option up - I'd definitely be happy to talk with you if we had more questions.

That would be rather interesting considering that mastodon in particular happens to have a rather large furry population.