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You want privacy? Make a random account with a random name and favorite stuff there.

I do like that there is a private favorite feature, but there should also be a public favorite feature, because I want artists to know that I like their stuff, and I want people to see stuff I have favorited. Don't start this entitled bullshit of "we are entitled to privacy". You didn't pay jack squat to get onto this site, you are entitled to nothing.

Well, you could always thumb up my comment to get it more noticed then if you want! :P

Anything in ( ) is a button.

Artist: _________________ (self) (If you click Self, this does not show up on the submission.)

Commissioned For: ______ (self) (If self, this does not show up on the submission)

Add Character? (click this to add a character)

Character 1: ___________ (owner) (tag) (self) (x)

Character 2: ___________ (owner) (tag) (self) (x)

Character 3: ___________ (owner) (tag) (self) (x)

owner, lets you tag a user account to that character should the character not have a specific page.

self, tags your current active character or account or whatever.

x, deletes that one from the list, moving the others up.

As a possible bonus feature, allow users to select a location on the image to highlight (tag) when hovering over a character in the info. I created two examples of what happens if you were to hover over "Character 2" if the uploader chose to tag it. (square simple tag) (advanced draw tag) Alternatively, you can simply do it the facebook way where you click a point on the picture and it adds a square of a fixed size that shows the name.

If anyone's curious, the submission I used in the example is;

Oooh, I just now noticed it. Hah. When I first saw settings before, it didn't say anything about that, but I didn't click the other settings page cause I didn't notice the button there.

But I already eventually finished all my uploads. :P I had to do it one at a time in order to finish properly.

As an example of importer issues for FN staff to consider taking a look at;

FN seperated "non fatal" into "non" "fatal" when it imported it.

Instead of "Add to Collection" we could just have it say "collect" like "collect this". I'm trying to figure out a method of .... Oooh, I may have just thought of something.

A like feature instead. Likes are anoymous kudos that are private, so you can "like" something, the same exact way you Fave it now. And you load your private "likes" up. While renaming Promote to "Fave" and having it act as it does with public favorites. So "like" is your private favorites that when an artist looks at the artwork they uploaded, it may show "22 people liked this" and "20 people faved this".

When you fave something, it will also "like" it, but silently, without adding it to your "like" list. This way you can go to you fave gallery to see stuff you faved and go to your like gallery to see only the stuff you liked without faving. Or perhaps you can just add a checkbox to the Like gallery that removes everything you faved from view.

I just hope people don't start mistaking the like button for something else, I wanted something unique like "collect" so that it couldn't be mistaken for something else, but "private fave" or "anon fave" seemed too odd of something to add there. Collect, seemed like a good replacement for that. However "Like" might also be a good replacement. Favorites, should be something public, while you should also be able to have a private favorite collection as well, but we have to figure out a good name for it, something unique to FN only hopefully.

Lets not forget, that if you do this, we should also add a feature to share your private collection with friends, an option in the private collection window that lets you put the name of a friend in who will be able to click "private collection" (whatever you end up naming it) on your profile when he visits, a button that only appears if they have access.

Unlikely, once you download the database, you can run millions of brute force attempts per second, while even without 2FA, you can only do 20-30 on the world's worst secure site out there. Lets assume you have extremely low ping like 20, now that's 40 ms per password + 1ms for the server to verify then create the reject, that's 41ms now per password. That's nearly 25 passwords per second.

You can not brute force an internet password. 2FA protects people should they accidentally fall for a phishing attempt or accidentally give their password out somehow or use something stupid like "password" as their password. The only REAL way someone can brute force a website is to first exploit it, hack in and get the database downloaded, and then do the brute force locally, and the database will include the 2FA keys which makes your account vulnerable again because those keys will give them access.

This didn't work, the "solution" mentioned by Varka. When I uploaded everything one by one into drafts, then tagged everything, then clicked "make public" on all of them, it one by one made them public in what appeared to be the proper order, however it mixed them up in the folder;

I can't figure out how to fix it either. When I go back and look at them in the public section of my manage photos, it shows them in proper order, but the folder scrambles them.