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I very much doubt you are replying to huge amounts of things on a mobile where you want to use quotes and links and bold stuff with lots of custom formatting.

Also, if you're too lazy to type BBCode on a computer, you probably don't know how to type to begin with "lik thoz peops ho tipe lyk thi an u cant understan em!". The sollution is to add formatting buttons.

Save for later, seems a bit long. Perhaps just "Save", collect being the original idea because it was a single word that meant add to a personal collection where as "save" might make people think save file.

Will there be the ability for users to come to my profile, and click a "favorite" button to view everything I've favorited (the old promote) the same way they would with my gallery? I want to be able to see what things people tend to favorite. I like going through the favorites of other users every so often so thats what I've been hoping for. On my FA, favorites is all I have on my page considering I removed all art from my FA.

If you'd like help making an icon for "save for later" or "save" or "collect", I can always try and come up with a good one, I have a few ideas and could tinker around in Gimp.

If you're going to vote down the idea, the least you can do is say why...

I see that abuse happening right now.

I believe a solution could be similar to what steam did I believe where it takes multiple people submitting a tag to make it publicly accepted with the ability for people to vote a tag removed.

Better, would be to allow people to suggest a tag and it notify the uploader so that he can choose to accept said tags, rather than the tag becoming immediately public. Perhaps even keep its green "community" tag color after being accepted but being put into the main tag list with the rest of them to show that the tag was suggested by the community and the author accepted the tag. I like this idea much better as it gives the artist control over tagging still.

One final idea/note;

I don't like that my blacklist is using community tags because of the potential abuse like that one I linked. So perhaps make blacklists not use community tags, but leave the tags that are suggested visible so people can vote up or down on the tag "#space-ship (17) /\ \/" (\/ /\ arrows) ((##) amount of votes) and thus encourage the author to accept a tag that has been highly voted on, or perhaps have the system automatically accept a tag once it reaches something like 20-50 votes in the positive. Still, keep community tags green so we know the community got it added! I like that because it lets people know the community helped add a tag and that we should all do our part in helping with proper tagging.

So you're one of those who wants t add 10 pounds of DRM to every game so that eventually only the legitimate user gets hurt. Yes? DRM ruins games sometimes. The more and more difficult you make DRM, the more and more skilled users come out to break it just because they can and ALL DRM can be broken.

Making it harder, just makes it more annoying for legit users who want to save the content for offline viewing.

Perhaps the site can cater to users who want to upload something and get paid before people are allowed to see it, such as those who upload comics to those sites that require you to pay for access, or pay to access music files or videos, though I foresee bad things happening if they do add such systems but would still support it, but deleting the download button for stuff that's free? There's no point.

I wasn't insinuating anything costs money. People go all entitled mode when they paid for something, so I said that no one is entitled to anything on this site because they are here, for free. Just so you know.

The whole goal of this topic was to suggest changes to promotes and favorites, so we can have public favorites with the name "favorites" instead of "promotes" which, feels like a campaign to promote someone's artwork, instead of just showing a collection of stuff you like and enjoy.

I couldn't care less who likes anything I upload, I'm happy to see an anonymous counter going up saying I was viewed/liked/faved. Sure I might be slightly curious but I don't care that much. Not every artist wants to know who faved their stuff, this would cause issues too.

Furaffinity has a block system that prevents you from favoriting artwork of people who have you blocked, and there are some asswipe artists out there that block you over nothing, hell, one who I've never talked to in my life and never insulted nor said anything bad about nor know anything about, just randomly up and blocked me one day so I can't favorite their art anymore, because someone whined to FA staff that favorites are being used to harass people that have been blocked.

Thus, anonymous favorites work, because here, I can favorite their stuff whether they blocked me or not, and they can't do shit about it. Artists are not entitled to who likes their stuff, I can easily just save the file and not favorite it if I wanted, and they'd not know a damn thing. They'd actually lose popularity on it because I didn't give them a booster point to their favorite number.

I was just about to suggest this myself.

Folder List, would show a list of folders, and when you click one, it runs like the normal feed would but only for the folder you clicked. Displaying smaller folders at the top for you to change to another artist.

Folder Grid would have folders at the top for you to select, then you select it and a folder with ".." on it (that goes back a directory to show all folders), while showing the normal grid view of that particular artist's submissions.

In case FN staff/devs want the source files used to make those two icons, or anyone else for that matter;

I would like to see a list of blocked tags in the "Whats New" feed showing me why something is blocked. I was just about to come suggest that. I've seen some things improperly tagged too myself and suggested new tags on them. YCH for example.

Ooooh, I just noticed his reply, the comments here are a little, odd.