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I would like to see what was popular last month and what was the most popular in the last year and see what was popular in a specific month, year, and of all time. That would certainly be nice. I know that e621 has a feature like this alredy I believe.

I have an idea for this, which is;

Rename Favorite button to "Add to collection",

Rename Promote button to "Favorite".

Now you can privately favorite something by adding it to your personal collection, and publicly favorite something that users can see in your favorites list.

Collection would have the icon of a box with an open lid, while promotion would have the favorite icon. One more button would be available, that is an open box with a heart on it that does both for those that want it in their public and private favorite for whatever reason.

I'm thinking of the chat I see in FurriesXtreme, but yea. Seems like a feature that could be nice for those that want it. However, I would prefer it also be something you can turn off in your account settings so it doesn't show up at all for you, and won't load any data related to it when you're browsing the site.

Sucks that I already manually imported everything from Weasyl. :P

You should however make the import tool translate links in descriptions to the proper user here. If a user has connected their accounts with this site, like say Silvolf has connected her FA account on FN and I imported from FA to get artwork that mentions (c) :linksilvolf: or whatever, it should translate that :linksilvolf: into whatever this site uses to display that link. I know it's not -exactly- the place to suggest this but, kinda related.

Promotes are public favorites. Favorites are private favorites that only you can see.

Promotes may have a method for seeing who has favorited a specific picture, but I dunno.

So long as there is an option that also lets users disable streaming notifications so I can stop users from bombarding me with "NOW STREAMING" things all the time.

Oh hey, it is already posted here. I didn't notice cause I searched YCH and forgot to look for Auction. :P Apparently all posts are moderated, which is annoying, however that being the case, a moderator will see my post and can attach this properly to this topic.

I did go a bit more in depth so hopefully it helps Varka and the others in their internal discussion on how to impliment such a feature.

Don't forget about aPNG support. Animated PNGs, that is, which are sometimes smaller than GIF while still having much higher quality.

Also, should add this;

[11:34:36 AM] Artex: I don't think 2FA will save anyone from what happened to FA
[11:35:34 AM] Vas Vadum: You can't login if you don't have the authenticator code.
[11:36:36 AM | Edited 11:36:48 AM] Artex: But if you hack the server itself and get a dump of their databases, then you'll have:
1. hashed passwords that you'll have to brute force
2. authentication codes for the 2nd factor the server has to verify with

So, this won't save you from a database hack, but will save you if you use crappy easy to guess passwords. :P

Yea, I support the google authenticator option, so long as its optional and not forced.