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Seems like every furry community is run by corrupt people, dictatorish people, or just lazy people. Kinda sucks. I had hopes for FN too. Went and made a rantish journal about it on my FN page.

If someone would hack FA again then people would get angry and spread out from FA for a while, this site would get more attention again. :/ FA sucks, needs to be replaced. But nope, everyone stays there because the artists stay because the users stay because the artists stay becau....

.... what? 3 years ago this was marked as planned and no one's done it yet? All the ideas I see on the site here are 3 years old and nothing's been done. Is this site even alive anymore? I came here to post this exact idea and here it is, 3 years old.

Unfortunately, this is still a problem. I actually think its worse now, I think you guys changed it and made Follow and Following both grey. Now I accidentally unfollow people sometimes. They need to be some kind of color when followed. It can be a grey "follow" button but it should be some other color when its "following" and change to "red" when you're about to click it to "unfollow".

I just wish my suggestion for changing the message system would have been accepted.  I really don't like the message system as it is now, its too much of an instant messenger when it should be a note system instead like FA has.  Its more of a site email, and should be that way.

Anyhow, I know that FN exploded into popularity, so some people seem to be angrily attacking FN.  Don't get discouraged from what Roketsune says.

Its kinda funny that this got answered a year later than when it was posted.  xD  Like suddenly all my tickets are now being gotten to, a year later.. xD

I just wanted to bump this again, the "tags of interest" is not a whitelist as some may think. I want to whitelist "ych-completed" and "ych-result" while keeping "ych" blacklisted, so that if the whitelisted tag is there, it will whitelist the blacklisted image.

This gets complicated however, because of how many tags I've blacklisted. We might need an if else system that lets us add a tag, and then add a whitelist to that tag.

"YCH" Except ("tag1","tag2")

"Rape" Except ("tag1")

etc etc so on so forth.

As it stands, I have these blacklisted;

human, cub, underage, diaper, humans, ych, baby-fur, babyfur, diapers, diaperfur, toddler, ageplay, baby_fur, diaperfurs

Couldn't think of an others to add that might cause me to accidentally see something from that list. But I would need a white list for human stuff and ych stuff because people who upload the result of a YCH tend to just tag it YCH and I've been going in and altering the tag with a suggestion of "ych-result" and such.

You don't need a browser addon, the reason its an addon for FA is because it has to inject code (though they could have just used greasemonkey scripts), where as FN can by default program the capabilities of what FA Extender does right into the site. However some of the features of FA Extender are unnecessary here. Such as "open all in tabs". Though I suppose it'd be nice to have in grid view. I stopped using FA Extender's download function because it doesn't work that well anyway. So I just use Ctrl S and then Ctrl W.

I hate markdown. I have to use < > just to make a link work instead of simply linking a link like most sites would auto parse into a clickable URL and I have to learn a whole new system just to use it, and I don't like that. We keep moving from one standard to the next, and from what I can tell, markdown has more limitations than bbcode which allows more fine tuning of data within and you can even create new bbcode types with arguments that allow editing the data within in a specific way.

[quote=Vas time=Today Topic=someurl]Just an example[/quote]

Obviously not a functional quote but, similar to stuff I've seen where you get a quote that shows up like;

"Vas said at thistimehere"

Just an example

Where "vas said" is clickable and goes to the original post most usually.

Now, how would you do that with;

> Just an example

Solution? You can't!

The issue isn't uploading from files, its the fact that all comment boxes on the site use markdown.