Friends List

Zemble 8 years ago updated by Vas 8 years ago 4

I've noticed that there is the "Friends" tab on profiles when using the website on my phone:

Image 197

But all that's inside the tab are follows and followers. For myself, said follows and followers are not all my friends, only a few of them are among many more whom are just artists I like but don't actually know.

I think it would be a good idea to implement an friend system where you send or receive a request, and once accepted, both users would appear in a "Friends" list on each other's profiles.

This would also open up the ability to have features like making submissions and feed posts private for just friends to view and/or comment.


It'd be awesome if they changed that. Since I would like an actual and more robust freinds feature in the future.


Yea, I follow some people I actually hate because they do good art. I want to have a "friend" button that allows me to send a friend request that the other must accept. I think that a friend list would be nice, as you could also do like steam and "friends in common" when you visit someone's page. A friends feature could also allow you to set some things to "friends only" when you upload or make a journal so that only friends see the journal entry or uploaded picture.

Yep, that's exactly what I was going for! I really like the friends in common thing, too.

Well, you could always thumb up my comment to get it more noticed then if you want! :P