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PC login issues

Wolf227 3 years ago updated by Hanabikun 3 years ago 3

Not sure if anyone's having this issue currently running windows with chrome can't seem to log in on my PC but my phone and tablet login no problem reset my password three times with the same results

Having same issues

Under review


So far, we've been unable to reproduce this issue.

Could you provide us with some more information if possible?

What I'd recommend trying:

1) Trying to login with Chromes (or Firefox) incognito tab. Ctrl+shift+n opens incognito tab in Chrome, please try if it logs in there.

2) Try to log in with different browser. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera would be the best options.

3) Is there anything else you'd recall doing prior to the login issues? Did you manually log out, installed some addon, updated the browser, did something specific on Furry Network or anything similar?

1) I have just tried incognito and it did not work there as well

2) I already use Chrome

3) I did not do anything else other than not log in for a few years. I only use my laptop and have tried resetting my password still with same issue