​"Fresh" and "Popular" browsing tweaks.

Reshy 8 years ago updated by Chris D 8 years ago 4

Just a few suggestions to make browsing submissions on the website better.

Sort "Popular" by drop-downs, ranging from "Most Popular Today" to "Most Popular This Week" to "Most Popular This Month" to "Most Popular This Year" to finally "Most Popular of all time". The default value for this is "Most Popular this month" as a middle ground.

Note: The website should track whatever this setting is set to and bring it up each visit.

Make "Fresh" the default when initiating browsing of submissions, this gives other artists a chance at exposure instead of concentrating all of the traffic to a handful of winners.

Note: Setup an option in the user's account settings that allows the user to permanently change this value to something else.

Add a drop-down to "Fresh" that allows you to sort by "Fresh From People You Follow", "Fresh From People You Don't Follow" and "Fresh From Anyone". This will make fresh a little more useful, allowing us to filter the Fresh to concentrate either on people we already know we like, or from people we have yet to follow, or from anyone (default). This allows a little more filtering for discovering new people who draw art you like.

Within the "Community" tab add in a section called "Rising" for individuals that haven't become highly popular, but have hit a minimum threshold and a steady increase in traffic. That way individuals that are not yet popular, but have put in the effort have a chance at getting more visibility.

Note: May be worth putting a filter (by default) that sorts the community by people who draw artwork (Basically omitting those who have not opened commissions and have no artwork or multimedia submissions that aren't marked as "commissions"), and merge the "Open for Commission" to the Popular, Fresh, and Rising sections as a sub-setting.

Note 2: Within the community tab a floating textbox should appear that allows a user to send a customized message to users. Might be what you draw, who you are, etc. It also should probably show whether or not you are open for commissions (or if you even do them at all).

I would like to see what was popular last month and what was the most popular in the last year and see what was popular in a specific month, year, and of all time. That would certainly be nice. I know that e621 has a feature like this alredy I believe.

I would especially love the ability to view latest first. The way it is now, the popular search only displays results that already have favorites or promotions, and thus hides the potential thousands upon thousands of art pieces and prevents them from being seen in the first place, since they don't have favorites or promotions.

Scratch that, it doesn't even consider favorites. Only having a promotion on your art allows it to be seen under the popular search.

There should also be a "Hot" category of things that seem to be rising in popularity. When I post stuff I've spent a few days on, it really sucks to have be knocked back 100 posts because someone decided to transfer their entire FA account a minute after I post.