Facebook-like chat

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Why not adding a tab based chat to complete the already existing message system?
I could be seen as a facebook like chat and allow floowers that you are following(for instance) to communicate in a real-time based chat.

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Would be pretty neat! Might need some privacy/filtering/etc options for users with lots of followeres


I mean, the current chat is already instant/real-time, it could just be a new skin for that.


Yeah exactly, just a more ergonomic way to use the chat, nothing more.

I'm thinking of the chat I see in FurriesXtreme, but yea. Seems like a feature that could be nice for those that want it. However, I would prefer it also be something you can turn off in your account settings so it doesn't show up at all for you, and won't load any data related to it when you're browsing the site.

I was just about to post a more detailed bit in another post I was making so I'll move that here instead;

Also, should add an actual live chat system like Facebook has (best one I can think of really). I prefer something more like what FurriesXtreme has but I doubt half the people here even know that site or use it so, facebook as an example it is. :P Just a little collapsible bar at the bottom of the page where you can type the name of a user in and the site displays a list of matching names after you've typed a minimum of 3 characters, and you can start a chat with that person should their settings allow it.

Like, allow a person to set their settings to "allow chat invites from" and have options; All, Watchers, Friends, None. None disables anyone from starting a chat with you. Obviously you should also add a checkbox that disables the chat bar from even showing up too. Friends would use the feature mentioned here. Watchers would only allow chats from people you follow. All is obvious.