Ability to group/sort "What's New" into "Folders" by Artists to collectively browse new submissions more efficiently

Not_A_Corgi 8 years ago updated by Vas 8 years ago 1

I would love the ability to group submissions in the "What's New" tab into artist "Folders" that can be expanded similar to that of which DeviantArt has implemented, i really like this way of looking through new submissions as it greatly saves time in browsing through them as i can collectively view all users works at once and quickly remove them from the submission pool. Instead of a mass jumble of different artists works to browse through all at once and only in order of post date.

I was just about to suggest this myself.

Folder List, would show a list of folders, and when you click one, it runs like the normal feed would but only for the folder you clicked. Displaying smaller folders at the top for you to change to another artist.

Folder Grid would have folders at the top for you to select, then you select it and a folder with ".." on it (that goes back a directory to show all folders), while showing the normal grid view of that particular artist's submissions.

In case FN staff/devs want the source files used to make those two icons, or anyone else for that matter;