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Was directed here after speaking with whatever poor soul mans the twitter.

I would honestly prefer pngs, as they support alpha channel as well as generally not having compression artifacts.

I was looking at some of my art that the importer delivered here, and noticed it was a bit artifacted. After comparing to the original, i noticed that while the file i was given by FN claims to be a .png by filename, it is in fact a .jpg. I assumed that hitting the download button would at least deliver the original file, but it just spit out the max res jpg, compression still present.

I would really appreciate it if the staff would find some way to improve this situation, as someone who draws a lot of pink/red things with black outlines, it's always really obvious when your compression's bad.

Also a way to dismiss notifications (you've replied to a comment)

Actually it'd be rad to just be able to read the comment, and reply to it in the notifications panel, that way there isn't so much page navigation in order to do it?

This, pretty much. Some feedback on this would be wonderful. Really need to be able to just sort them all by type, and check out what you need to check out.

I second this. I've got just under 600 images in there, and manually clicking the middle-bottom region of each square sounds awful.

The ability to select everything for a move might only get used initially, but perhaps

Could we have a select multiple, too? Like if i click one, hold shift and click another further down, it selects every object between those two entries? There's got to be something you guys can do to make that process less

They've taken care of it for me. After a few hours they must have made their way to my name on the 'its messed up, please help!' list and reset mine. Now it's connecting, which is apparently standard behavior.

If you're having this problem, please hit them up on twitter with a private message (DM) and they'll resolve it for you.

Cool guys!

I spoke with whoever mans the site's twitter account about 2 hours ago. They said to send them a direct message on twitter with my FN and FA usernames, and they'd sort it out. I've yet to hear anything back though. There's also a few people in that retweet thread that are saying similar things. I'm sure they'll get to it, but i would like some sort of 'we're getting to it, we'll let you know when you're good to go'

I just tweeted at them about it, maybe we'll get a response?

Same thing going on here. I was trying to upload one of my comics, and it got 7 pictures in before stalling. I can't get it to add any more.

Any word from the devs on this?