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Like i presume if you block someone and they attempt to interact with you, they're given a 'you are blocked by this user' error. Would the only difference be that they wouldn't get this error?

I suppose I would ask, if you want it to do all those things, why not block them? Would the only difference, if you change it so that muting does all those things, is that they aren't aware you've basically blocked them?

There should definitely be a notification in it's own category (since so many journals / image submissions for the needier artists are about stream announcements) for streaming. The user should have to input the link to their stream url, and create a 'stream' type post. The post could perhaps contain a short (200 character? something short) text field where you can enter what you're working on ["Drawing Shaymin Dongs!"], and if a follower looks at this notification they should be able to click it and open a new tab at that url.

Though i'm a bit worried this could lead to abuse? People could link to ED's 'offended' article as their stream host, and then go "HEY IM STREAMING!" and bother a ton of people.

I dunno! Definitely some dedicated way to let people know you're streaming, so people don't keep making those stupid image notifications (or journals!) for streams.

If you wanna watch someone draw, it should show up in a dedicated spot for it, and not clog the other channels.

I wonder if just supporting .png instead of converting to jpg is in the works? Any word, guys? Now that all the dust has cleared from the last big forum thing.

I agree with your clarification, chicago. Having this functionality for images with alternate versions (i often have commissions with / without an internal panel, and with / without fluids) would definitely be useful, and save on gallery clutter

Like, just the simple marketing / visibility bump you get from ongoing faves on multiple pages on a comic makes this a really unattractive idea if the users could only fave the single submission :S

I'm concerned about what this would do for traffic metrics / visibility of comics. I for one wouldn't be pleased working on a project for months, to upload it and have it perform as well as something that takes 1/40th my time and effort.

I think this would be great for those multiple images that are like, a clean version, a version with an internal, and a version with semen all over it.

But I don't think this is a good solution for comics.

I'm also concerned about how tagging would work for something like this, if one chose to upload a comic in this fashion. Do you tag everything from every page to the single submission?

I don't know about this.

"3A) A "Featured Artwork" module, where you can pick a folder to display, a sort order, and a number of rows/items to display. Eg if 1, it'd show one big image - if set to 1 row, it'd show 4 pictures... and so on.


I feel the absolute first thing to get in would simply be a module that displays the most recently posted artwork, So people can see how active you are. On fa, the gallery previews show the upload dates, and from that you can get a quick impression of how frequently a user posts, and thus how often you might see their art if you watched them.

This simple thing allows users to make decisions about your account, see your freshest work, and provides an easy way to dive into your material.

So, while all these things are great ( really like just about everything you suggested in this post!), The default module should be 'recent submissions', and then letting us make a little 'best of' module where we arrange our best work, to make the best first impression on whoever showed up on our pages.

The idea of customizable like, gallery widgets? Is a really hot feature idea, and i would be all over it.

And on the subject of community tags, there really should be some sort of user account requirements before you are allowed to do itt, otherwise people in a bad mood will just make new accounts, spam a bunch of abusive comments, get banned, and do it again on a new account.

If you have to have been on the site for x amount of time, have x posts, x promotes, or whatever, it'll go a long way to filter out abuse of such a tool. The only people who could use it would risk losing an account they've worked hard on, and would be much less likely to do it.

Just an aside, though!

This sounds pretty good. I'll make time in a couple days to go through all of my art and update their tags, but i'm not sure you could convince everyone else to take that kind of time.

I was discussing with whoever is manning the twitter, some sort of community tool to deliver a list of untagged (or sparsely tagged, like the category-generated tags from fa imports), posts, to let us all go through them?

They seemed to think this was a doable idea. Any idea if this is a thing that will actually go on? To lighten the load on your staff, and to get all that untagged stuff searchable?