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Sorry, been working.

I just tested in chrome, in an incognito window. It doesn't do the disappearing behavior, but the results do stop far before you'd expect them to. Actually, on the first search i did, they stop on the same image that seemed to be triggering the disappearing / flipping behavior.

The only extension i have in chrome is adblock plus? But it does it, even when you disable it on FN. Surely that wouldn't cause it, right?

This could be useful, but considering all the porn around, either the collections themselves need tagging (so the thumbnail would be blocked for certain users), or the collection images would all have to be SWF or something.

Easiest way to do this is to have account requirements on the person attempting to leave a tag. A combination of things like :

user must have over a certain number of posts / promotes / been on the site over x days / etc

To be able to leave a suggested tag. This means only people with real accounts will be able to do it, and thus be held accountable for abusing the system.

This means brand new accounts can't suggest tags, but, i mean that should be fine?

I'll give it a shot. I use firefox. I've tried it with adblock on and off, and it happens regardless.

All i have to do to make it happen is look at the fresh list, type in a couple tags, scroll around, and big chunks start disappearing.

I've checked it out in chrome, and search is busted there. The same tags result in ONE image, (mine actually, ) The search results for just pikachu result in completely different posts in chome than they do in firefox for me.

This is really weird.

For the people who are able to create content well ahead of time, and want to set it to post on an automatic drip, this seems really useful. I believe you can do the same thing on youtube? Having a field per submission in management where you can set a date/time (local time preferably!) that a submission will automatically publish itself.

This would be fantastic for me, for publishing comics, getting 2 pages out a day.

For websites with infinite scroll, and lots of links that pull you away for a moment, then you return to the scroll, knowing your location in that list and bringing you back to where you were is important. Point 2 is definitely a good idea, if you're keeping the infinite scroll.

Oh, really? That seems fine, then. It limits promotion stuff? But if users can promote individual pages, and clicking that page brought them to page1 of the comic or something I think that would work out.

Sounds cool to me anyway!

You know...that actually happened to me too :\ That's really weird. It seems unlikely both of us were stupid enough to have failed the form the same exact way like that, but hey, it's possible? Maybe someone should look into the code, maybe the form is labeled incorrectlY?

it also drastically reduces traffic metrics / sharable visibility of the work in question.

I'm not sure what the right answer on this is. I spoke with dragoneer about it a while back, and ultimately nothing was resolved. It's more convenient for the user and artist, but worse for the comic itself overall.

Also, most people don't make comics like i generally do (all at once, then post). Most people do a single page, upload it, and then a while later do another page and upload it, so this wouldn't be useful for the majority of comic creators in the fandom.

I'd definitely like to hear more thoughts on this, though!