Select all button and "Sort by" option

Otakuwolf 8 years ago updated by mukihyena 8 years ago 3

Can we have a "select all entries" for our galleries ?

I find it quite painful to have to select more than 600 pictures one by one to move them on "public". And i found it even worse when i found out the pictures were moved in the order i clicked them, so in the "opposite" order i uploaded those in FA (from older to newer) making me to go back to reselect all and back to drafts again... Can it be a bit simpler and have a "select all" and "Sort" functions pls ?

I second this. I've got just under 600 images in there, and manually clicking the middle-bottom region of each square sounds awful.

The ability to select everything for a move might only get used initially, but perhaps

Could we have a select multiple, too? Like if i click one, hold shift and click another further down, it selects every object between those two entries? There's got to be something you guys can do to make that process less

I agree with this. I have 2400+ imported pictures from fA and it would be more than nice if I could set all of it as visible without having to go one by one.

ported my gallery, it's all under "drafts." select all, please.