Multiple files per submission

Anzi 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 7

This is a feature of Inkbunny I rather like, as it is good for collecting variants of the same piece of art under one title and post.

This would also allow entire comics to be under one single submission, which keeps clutter out of galleries.

it also drastically reduces traffic metrics / sharable visibility of the work in question.

I'm not sure what the right answer on this is. I spoke with dragoneer about it a while back, and ultimately nothing was resolved. It's more convenient for the user and artist, but worse for the comic itself overall.

Also, most people don't make comics like i generally do (all at once, then post). Most people do a single page, upload it, and then a while later do another page and upload it, so this wouldn't be useful for the majority of comic creators in the fandom.

I'd definitely like to hear more thoughts on this, though!


Well at least on IB, one can update the submission by adding more files, which is good for a comic, as more pages can be added when they are released, and each time it is updated, it appears under 'New Submissions' again

Oh, really? That seems fine, then. It limits promotion stuff? But if users can promote individual pages, and clicking that page brought them to page1 of the comic or something I think that would work out.

Sounds cool to me anyway!

That's pretty much how it works on IB

This would be awesome for variants. FA tends to end up with people hosting them off-site, which sucks for a huge number of reasons.

definitely. That's how my ref is set up on IB, because I have SFW and NSFW versions