Muting someone does not hide ALL their activity

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Currently, muting someone removes their activity from your "What's New" feed - which is great for making sure your feed does not get spammed by one or two people all the time.

However, it might be better if muting someone hides their activity site-wide - eg no comments, search results, gallery images etc would show up at all - sort of like blocking someone, but without informing the user of this.

Blocking someone currently hides all their activity site-wide, and stops them from being able to view your content, profile or gallery.

Should muting only stop their content from showing in the feed, or should it apply to anywhere their activity could be viewed?

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I suppose I would ask, if you want it to do all those things, why not block them? Would the only difference, if you change it so that muting does all those things, is that they aren't aware you've basically blocked them?


Like i presume if you block someone and they attempt to interact with you, they're given a 'you are blocked by this user' error. Would the only difference be that they wouldn't get this error?

I agree. This seems like something that would be better fixed by just folding mute and block together and keeping the act of blocking quiet so as not to create drama, rather than turning one feature into an exact copy of another. It would just be redundant and potentially confusing.

Seems like the idea is that this would be for if you don't want to see someone else's content, but don't want to restrict them from viewing your own.


Muting, as far as I'm concerned, has not been implemented. The original post asking for a muting feature stated the following

"Muting: the opposite of ghosting. If you have muted a user, none of their site activity will be visible to you. They will not know you've muted them."

In other words, if I mute someone, I should not be able to see their posts unless I view their profile.

There is a real problem here of users not tagging their submissions properly and uploading in mass at the same time. As much as I would like to, I cannot go through thousands of submissions adding the correct tags. It gets to the point where I have to withdraw to my own feed, then I can't surf around for new content, I don't watch new artists, they don't get new favorites, they don't get new commissions. You see the knock on effect here? If you want to move towards more content and less social, you need to have a system where users can surf for new content and find what they want while avoiding what they don't as much as possible. The tag system alone isn't working. At the same time though, failing to tag shouldn't equal a total block. The last thing I want to do as an author/artist is stop someone from seeing my stuff or contacting me unless it's absolutely necessary. That's bad for business.

At the very least, we should be allowed to choose what blocking does.

I don't have anything to add honestly, but needed to say; finally an art site that prevents blocked persons from viewing my content, the gods be good!

Honestly this should be something put into an option tab! like go into you setting under mute slectle what kind of muting said person wants!

I think that muting someone should apply to comments, journals, and things that show up in your feed.

But there are plenty of artists on other sites where I like the art, but don't necessarily like the spamming and shit-posting in their journals.


Sometimes I run into people whose art I'm not a fan of (usually because of a topic they draw a significant amount of) and would rather not see them in the new activity feed. Right now, the only option I have is to block, but it seems so final. I don't have a problem with the person, just with their content.

I would much rather have a mute option which just quietly makes their content disappear from my view.


If this is similar to InkBunny's "Block Submissions" option, then I'm interested.

Similar to a topic I made, I would like the ability to stop all of a user's content from showing in my feed or results - all art/content, journals, comments, activity, etc. - BUT, I do not want this to keep them from interacting with me.

If directly commented to or mentioned, I would still want to see that.

If possible, I would like more options than just a full-content block, like choosing simply to just block uploaded art/content, or just journals. I used the feature on IB mostly to cut content from the browse feed that wasn't tagged with terms I blacklisted.

Maybe implementing a "required minimum" for tags on submissions? Like you need at least 4 or 5 or else you can't make the submission public. It's not a 100% fix but it will get people to start tagging their submissions appropriately.

As for muting I would prefer to select what exactly I'd like to mute individually. Like journals, submissions, commission announcements,etc. Rather than muting the users activity as a whole. I would also like an option to select multiple users at once and select what activity I'd like to mute from that group.

Four or five seems a bit much. Not everything will require that many tags, otherwise you risk people using near-duplicate tags. Three sounds like a good number; just enough to include a species, a gender, and a topic.