So, what about all that untagged art from before 2009?

Insomniacovrlrd (tom smith) 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

I'd go out on a limb and say that MOST of the art on FN is imported from people's FA galleries. This is great! However, this whole site works around tagging, and FA didn't have tags before 2009.

All my artwork that has an 07 or 08 on it is untagged. Anyone who's in the same boat as me (longtime fa artist, imported gallery) will be the same.

This is THOUSANDS of pictures that are currently untagged for their content.

So what are we gonna do about it? I'll go through the laborious process of tagging at least the basics of my pictures so that they're all searchable / people don't run into it by accident, but at the moment there's basically a huge pile of untagged work out there.

If we did tags like e621, it wouldn't be an issue, as there are legions of people hardcore into organizing stuff. But there are only like, user suggested tags, and i have no idea how that works here.

So, what do, FN?


We kind of do this already - with "Community Tags". With that, anyone can suggest tags for a given image. Future improvements on the list include the ability for artists to 'approve' or 'make official' community tags (which adds them officially to the list), and to do stuff like remove suggested community tags, flag them as abusive, etc.

This sounds pretty good. I'll make time in a couple days to go through all of my art and update their tags, but i'm not sure you could convince everyone else to take that kind of time.

I was discussing with whoever is manning the twitter, some sort of community tool to deliver a list of untagged (or sparsely tagged, like the category-generated tags from fa imports), posts, to let us all go through them?

They seemed to think this was a doable idea. Any idea if this is a thing that will actually go on? To lighten the load on your staff, and to get all that untagged stuff searchable?

And on the subject of community tags, there really should be some sort of user account requirements before you are allowed to do itt, otherwise people in a bad mood will just make new accounts, spam a bunch of abusive comments, get banned, and do it again on a new account.

If you have to have been on the site for x amount of time, have x posts, x promotes, or whatever, it'll go a long way to filter out abuse of such a tool. The only people who could use it would risk losing an account they've worked hard on, and would be much less likely to do it.

Just an aside, though!