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Sorry for the long delay in response. We're not exactly sure why there isn't a Report button that can be used to bring issues such as this to our attention. If you do encounter such things, what you can do is send a private message with a link to the thread and let us know the issue and an Admin can take care of the problem appropriately.

When you click to start a thread, you can choose the private tab, as shown here:

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Currently, you can use the search to find images with specific tags. Along that thinking, I could see this being a bit more useful if it were implemented as a search function in the gallery rather than a setting that hides SFW content. Reason being, if you have ever gone to the menu and chosen to hide Explicit and Mature art, it will shows in place with a "Content Warning" where you can click the image and choose to reveal it. By having this as a search function, it would filter out and not show these at all.

In the long run, I think that this would make moderation much easier and faster since mislabeled rating is the number 1 ticket reason right now.

Greetings, as it has been stated by several users, removing the download button is not going to prevent someone from downloading a piece of art. The Download button is there so that a higher resolution version of the picture can be downloaded if it has been uploaded to the site rather than the downscaled preview. If you do not wish to have this available to users, then upload a lower resolution version of an image.

I believe this is an issue that is being worked on. I don't want to make any promises right away, but I can peek into it a little more and find out what's going on!

Sorry it has taken so long to get a response to you! There are actually a couple ways that this can be accomplished with what we have set up on the site now! You have the option of making multiple profiles under a single account, different @ names so you can have one for commissioned art and one for art you've made. This has the advantage of viewers being able to watch one profile or both! You also have the option of using folders, placing works you've made or works you've commissioned into separate folders that people can browse, and still be informed of all of your uploads.

Hey! Sorry for the delay in response, I'm glad your question got answered! Neotheta is right that you can use "Unlisted" submissions to be works that are only accessible by the link!

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have plans to get this fixed with the next site patch, so hang tight and this should be taken care of soon!

The last bullet is a good point! It is even something that is listed in the site rules, that art uploads from a third-party must have explicit permission from the owner(s) of the work. And there is nothing against the artist/owner to stop them from watermarking their art to make it harder to be stolen.

Some good suggestions here to help protect art!