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Ability to only see 18+ content

Keryo Wolfe 8 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5 2 duplicates

Let's be honest, a lot of us are here just to see anthropomorphic animals get all kinds of nasty, but we're too lazy to search through all the age appropriate content just to find all the kinky delights. So I'd like to propose a site option that removes all the regular content from the feed and just leaves us with the naughiest art, pics, vids or stories made by the cool and talented people FN has to offer.

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This should be easy to implement considering it's the inverse of SFW mode, but unlike NSFW mode, it doesn't show the SFW part too.

Currently, you can use the search to find images with specific tags. Along that thinking, I could see this being a bit more useful if it were implemented as a search function in the gallery rather than a setting that hides SFW content. Reason being, if you have ever gone to the menu and chosen to hide Explicit and Mature art, it will shows in place with a "Content Warning" where you can click the image and choose to reveal it. By having this as a search function, it would filter out and not show these at all.

i agree! never hurts to have more search options.

this really aught to be a thing.

Under review

At this point, we're looking into how reasonable this would be to implement. I do think this feature would be helpful, and hopefully it won't take a huge amount of resources to put together.