Make the site's session cookie permanent or offer a choice

ToeClaws 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

It seems every couple of weeks or so I have to re-login to the site. Having multiple systems logged on means having to re-authenticate them all, which is a pain with a 28 character password which I have to get from a password safe. A cookie that expires is a wise idea for a potentially insecure station, but for secure machines, they're just annoying. I would suggest offering a choice to the user of what sort of permanence they want on the session, and if the software doesn't support multiple cookie types, then just eliminate the timeout.



My password is about same length and a alphanumeric one which I actually type in entirely by hand since I've got it in a physical copy instead of a digital. I'd gladly see a "keep me logged in" button similar to just about every other furry site I frequent!

I believe this is an issue that is being worked on. I don't want to make any promises right away, but I can peek into it a little more and find out what's going on!

The dev team has extended the amount of time it takes before getting logged out; we'll check to see how reasonable a "Keep me logged in" button would be.

Excellent - that's a good start. Even a longer time is better than nothing.