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For the time being if you want to do this you can contact me directly (dari at furrynetwork dot com or @dari on the site) and I'll help you out.

Building this into the site is still planned!

This is a known bug that we're working on fixing!

We're already working on fixing this bug!

Hi! It's a known bug that's on our list to fix already - but thanks for letting us know, regardless. :)

It's still there! Home > Import Data

Okay - after doing some digging it looks like you did some importing on another character on your account. Right now we only support importing to one character at a time, but I can manually clear out your old imports and you can import on Sangessen if you like.

Sorry for the delay in response - we've been a little busy over here. Can you tell me what your FN username is? I'll clear out all of your import-related info so you can try again from scratch.

Hey there! The importer is currently unavailable - we're working on a fix. Stay tuned!

Okay - after doing some digging those two notifications are for the one commission in 'canceled' status on your account. Click 'Canceled' on the left bar to see it, as they aren't visible by default.

I'll check on the status of a fix - please be patient!