Not a bug

New Commission Inquiry Bug

SpelunkerSal 8 years ago updated by Dari (Systems Admin) 7 years ago 2

I've had 2 unread new Commission inquiries for days now, and they simply are just not showing up. There are error codes attached to the page, as seen in the image here:

The 3 commission inquiries you see on the left are ones I've had and have read and responded to several weeks beforehand. The 2 new ones are not showing up at all. Not sure why I can't see them!

Not a bug

Okay - after doing some digging those two notifications are for the one commission in 'canceled' status on your account. Click 'Canceled' on the left bar to see it, as they aren't visible by default.

Oh, gosh. I feel so silly now. Though, perhaps that might be something to suggest, is to have the number of notifications also near the tabs on the left in addition to showing at the top right. So like, the 2 would have also showed up next to the word "canceled" on the side. I had no idea they were like toggle-able tab-like things til you just said so!