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Data import cancels itself

J Vit 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

Whenever I put it everything for importing (yes, correct password, no flags on my FA account, and using the classic theme), it will try to connect for a split second and then just stop and go back to where it was before I clicked login and import, without any error messages. I've had this problem for about a month now, and I'm out of ideas to fix it.

Under review

Sorry for the delay in response - we've been a little busy over here. Can you tell me what your FN username is? I'll clear out all of your import-related info so you can try again from scratch.

No big deal, I'm just glad someone got back to me. My username is Sangessen.

Okay - after doing some digging it looks like you did some importing on another character on your account. Right now we only support importing to one character at a time, but I can manually clear out your old imports and you can import on Sangessen if you like.

I guess that makes sense, I had a bunch of characters on my account before clearing them all out. It'd be greatly appreciated if you could clear the old imports.