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Hey there,

Please make sure you have FA set to use the Classic layout in your account settings before trying to run the importer, otherwise it'll just get stuck like you saw. I cleared out your stuck import so you can try again.

So nothing at all happens when you click Login and Import?

I cleared out the importer queue. Can you give it another try?

Hey there,

You need to have FA set to use the Classic layout in your account settings for the importer to work.

It's an issue on our end and we're working on a fix - but don't have an ETA for when functionality will be restored.

Hey there,

I'm admittedly having trouble seeing any difference between the two images you uploaded but I'll have a more thorough look at them tomorrow.

Do you have a link to your FA submission so I can do some research of my own?

Try completely clearing out your browser cache and giving it another shot. If it's still doing it after that, I'll dig deeper with you.

We only import anything new since your last import. :)

If you run into any problems (such as duplicates), be sure to let us know!

We're not opposed to third parties making browser extensions or applications that can perform these functions, but it's unlikely we'd do something like that officially.

Give it another shot, I just cleared it out. Sorry, we've been a little busy!