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I just reported this recently, also! Evidently it's been an intermittent occurrence for several months now. Be sure to up vote the original report in the first link to help it get more attention. :D


I see that now! I searched for similar bugs and must have missed this one because of the age of original reports. Good luck with finding a resolution! I hope that will be easier now that the bug is persistent.

As an aside, if you would be so kind as to remove both attachments in the first post I would be grateful! I just now noticed that some of the thumbnails are not classified as general. Sorry about that!

Oops. It should be *Switch in the title. If someone could fix that typo I would be grateful! Thanks!

FN posted a large .png of their logo on Twitter a while ago, but I would definitely like to see that page on the website!

I would like to see two digit names available for use as well!

It would also be nice to use a longer one... The standard maximum length for usernames seems to be 16 characters, but FN only allows 15, I assume because of the additional @. It would be nice to see it increased by 1 to meet standard, if not by a few more characters.


I would be quite irritated if I couldn't use the name I've been known by for years elsewhere because it was 1 character too long here (and I have used a 16 character handle for almost 20 years now in some places.)

I'm also having this issue!

Manually searching through submissions is rather cumbersome without it.

Good to know, thank you!

And good luck! Intermittent bugs are the worst.