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Branding Package

Ransom 8 years ago updated by Avisk 8 years ago 2

Can we get access to a vector version of the Furry Network logo? With cons coming up, I and my friends are updating our business cards and other assets to gain new clientele. My card already has Twitter, Tumblr, and Weasyl logos on it. I'd like to add Furry Network.

Putting the vector logo out there would be a good short term solution for people who want to promote their FN galleries, but in the longer term, a branding package could help draw more people to this site. Social media sites commonly make their branding assets available, along with a guideline of how to use it. Here are examples from Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Under review

Hmm. I will definitely see about this.

FN posted a large .png of their logo on Twitter a while ago, but I would definitely like to see that page on the website!