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Hard to understand what exactly where you are having this notice? I think it's important to have an area for streamers to be able to have their stream noticed, especially by new eyes. Are you saying to put a "Currently Streaming" section somewhere like under the "Community" tab? I don't know what "Main Artist page" is.

What about creators who use Twitch or Youtube for their Livestreams? I prefer Picarto since it's both user and guest friendly, but there are artists who use those other two streaming services. 

All three of those types of slot suggestions are very good. My thought on the "Until all FIlled" one is that they aren't Automatically Taken when getting a slot, but "Slot Pending". I dunno, I still feel like some approval still needs to be made to make sure that the commissioner read the rules of the artist first, like if artist don't draw Cats, then they send a Cat OC. That kind of thing.

The first thing that is apparent about an auction is the "Bid Here For" slot(s) that artists set up for them. Having a specified areas for the bidders to bid on without having to write that section ourselves would be good to have. It would help keep comments for questions away from the bidding area, and also make it more obvious where to bid. 

I dunno, the only troubles I tend to have in auctions are

  1. Having a Bidding area for each slot before customers comment a bid
  2. Getting people to Bid to each other so that previous bidders are notified of higher bids

QUESTION: What about "Auction" type sales in general? There's other types of Auction Commissions than YCHs. There's Design Sales as well as a General Commission Auction (different from a YCH).

I do not like a vote system for artwork with up/down votes. It can cause quite a lot of turmoil. I don't think that an art site should have a system that can be so Discouraging to comment. "What if I write something someone happens to not like?" "What if someone doesn't like my critique?" That may stop people from ever writing anything that might actually be a good critique or comment. If one doesn't like a comment on artwork, it could just be deleted by the artist.

As for Downvoting artwork, WHY would you want to downvote artwork? That's saying "Your art isn't good/good enough." It's Discouraging as ever to have someone say "Your art is Shit." or "I don't agree with your art." Not only that, but art is one of those things where not everyone will like the subject, theme, style, medium. Art is more of a taste. Like food. Some people like burgers with a butt ton of awkward toppings and onion rings on it, and others like plain ketchup and cheese.

Faving, promoting, Encouragement to continue, to keep going, to keep improving by people who want to see more of your work. Not to be struck with shame for drawing something a group of people who don't even like your work downvoted.

1. Click Edit Profile
2. Scroll down to "Custom Fields"
3. Click +Add New
4. Fill out Title (Field Lable) and Info (Feild Value) Of whatever information you would want to provide for your profile information.

You can create multiple different fields of information to keep things organized or looking spiffy as well, and also rearange, edit, and delete ones you've already created.

There are no rules written against posting Human art as far as I saw, and I looked over everything as best I could when I came on here for that actually. Humans are just a species of animals after all. I think it's very limiting to only be allowed to post a very specific type of art. It also gets really boring seeing only the same kind of stuff. It also seems uninviting for an art site for a certain species to be not be allowed to be drawn. (Especially when most of the artists draw almost human bodies on everything anyways, the only difference being heads and how hairy they are.) I certainly couldn't feel very comfortable here if human art wasn't allowed. I actually like finding human artists on fur sites. They're usually quite good quality artists on fur sites is the reason I look for them there.

Furry It's just the theme of interest. My gallery would be cut by like 1/2 if Humans weren't allowed, and a lot of good work wouldn't be able to be showcased.

@Neotheta's mention of a blacklist, Yeah, there's a blacklist for the reason of people who don't want to view a certain something. I'd say there's no problem then.

You can state with your profile's "Custom Field" section what kind of account/Artist you are using the account for.

You can do that with the Custom Fields under edit profile. That's what i did. That way you don't have to pick just one artist type either. maybe your a traditional artist who also makes music?

Apparently there's a problem with keywords that are 2 characters long or less. It doesn't save the draft if that happens. SO, it kinda hurts when a character is named Zo, Jo, Mo, Ky. Or any shorthand keywords that might be relevant like 3d, bj, ect ect. Are you using any keywords with 1-2 characters in them for those?