Profile Badges

Roo 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Implementing Color/Symbol coded badges somewhere on a user profile to tell browsing users what he/she is/does in the community (the below list are a few examples/ideas)

- Artist

- Art Collector

- Art Fan

- Character/Sona



-Fursuit Creator



*This could solve the issue with confusion on 'Character' on FN really meaning profile

*You could have a limit on how many you could choose ( max 3 or something)

You can state with your profile's "Custom Field" section what kind of account/Artist you are using the account for.


For now, this can be done by creating a custom field; this is generally the easiest way to customize your profile and show information you'd like. We're also looking into more ways to improve the fields that are currently in the profile. Keeping things customizable is important for users, especially on the profile, so this isn't something we'd want to require for people to have (unless participating in commissions or something where there's a huge benefit to listing roles).