Slot-based system for Artists booking work

Devildoge (Community Manager) 6 years ago updated by Ailurucanis 5 years ago 3

We will allow artists to open up a set number of 'slots" for each product they offer. We can potentially develop multiple ways of handling this, such as automatically closing after a certain amount of submissions are reached or after the artist themselves pick the commissions they wish to work on. We could potentially even offer a “raffle” type system with this.

We could definitely use feedback on this one. Is this something you would wish to have? Are there any other potential ideas for handling this that might be out there?

We will allow artists to open up a set number of 'slots" for each product they offer. We have options on how we can utilize this, from clo


All three of those types of slot suggestions are very good. My thought on the "Until all FIlled" one is that they aren't Automatically Taken when getting a slot, but "Slot Pending". I dunno, I still feel like some approval still needs to be made to make sure that the commissioner read the rules of the artist first, like if artist don't draw Cats, then they send a Cat OC. That kind of thing.

That's a very valid concern there. We might consider having it labeled more "pending" over "closed" then.

Definitely the more options the merrier on this one! 

I know I personally switch between sometimes I will review multiple applications for much fewer slots and hand select my favorite, and sometimes I can't pick who so being able to fall back on a "Raffle" Option would be nice!

Also not sure if it was considered, by having the slot option be selectable as: per commission type or slots for ALL commissions could be important as well, as I'm often for very few slots at a time and I usually let clients pick whatever commission type.