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Art is stuck in Drafts

Taross 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 6

After importing my gallery from FA, it turns out that seemingly arbitrarily pieces of art I want to categorize and make public will not save.

It's stuck in drafts and no matter what I do, if I click on 'save', it will not actually save the new settings and move to public.

For all i can see, this happens completely arbitrarily. I would be able to save three images, and then the next five won't upload, and then another four from a set of five will work again...

Is there a size or upload limit I am not aware of?

Am I using too many keywords?

This just seems odd.

Tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE11. All gave the same results on the same images (the ones NOT saving, that is.)


Apparently there's a problem with keywords that are 2 characters long or less. It doesn't save the draft if that happens. SO, it kinda hurts when a character is named Zo, Jo, Mo, Ky. Or any shorthand keywords that might be relevant like 3d, bj, ect ect. Are you using any keywords with 1-2 characters in them for those?

I just tested my previous theory. It seems that there's the thing with 2-character keywords, but 15+ characters appear to give the same issue. I'm not sure exactly what the cutoff is, somewhere between 15 and 20. So to be sure, Keywords apparently need to be 2-15 characters long.

The problem arises on submissions without those keywords. However, on FA I did like to add a small phrase as a keyword as well written_like_this_format. Apparently, removing that from one submission to test solved the issue.

The error seems to happen with the short and 'too long' keywords.

Under review

I understand that the site has undergone some significant redesign. Do you know if you are still having issues? If so, please let us know; a screenshot or two could help us, as well.


The issue appears to have been the fact that the site does not accept keywords/tags that are 2 characters long and it also dislikes keywords that are more than 15 characters long. While it would be nice to be able to enter one of my characters names proper (TJ), the workaround is simply not to use small or too long tags.

Okay, that work around makes sense. I talked to the devs about this earlier, and they had originally put that character limit there to keep out tag spam - imports from FA especially tended to have short tags like "to" and "at" if users joked around with the tagging system. Just looking at my older submissions on FA, I can see I did that, as well; it was kind of a joke thing to do on the site.

I think the biggest question is this: is it more beneficial to trim down on useless tags or allow people to use shorter tags that fit their characters?