Picarto Status Notifications

Devildoge (Community Manager) 6 years ago updated by Ailurucanis 5 years ago 3

We'd like to integrate http://picartvo.tv/ live notifications into the Artists' profile, so that users will know they are actively streaming and have the ability to quickly click through to the current live stream. 

One idea we had could utilize the avatar and the main artist page to advertise a live stream in that respect, so that users can readily see who's active. 

Let us know what you guys think! 

Hard to understand what exactly where you are having this notice? I think it's important to have an area for streamers to be able to have their stream noticed, especially by new eyes. Are you saying to put a "Currently Streaming" section somewhere like under the "Community" tab? I don't know what "Main Artist page" is.

What about creators who use Twitch or Youtube for their Livestreams? I prefer Picarto since it's both user and guest friendly, but there are artists who use those other two streaming services. 

We'll have to see what space we do have available for this, but we can likely add it into either the user avatar as an active notification or something along those lines, along with having notifications on their profile page as well. We have many ideas on this one. 

Would it be possible to do twitch as well? C: