YCH Auction Support

Devildoge (Community Manager) 6 years ago updated by Twilight (Lead Administrator) 6 years ago 2

We will build a semi-automated YCH system that allows for bidding on all YCH-themed auctions an artist wishes to produce. While this speaks for itself, and YCH commissions are a popular choice for many users, what could we do to build and even improve on the handling of these auctions? 

The first thing that is apparent about an auction is the "Bid Here For" slot(s) that artists set up for them. Having a specified areas for the bidders to bid on without having to write that section ourselves would be good to have. It would help keep comments for questions away from the bidding area, and also make it more obvious where to bid. 

I dunno, the only troubles I tend to have in auctions are

  1. Having a Bidding area for each slot before customers comment a bid
  2. Getting people to Bid to each other so that previous bidders are notified of higher bids

QUESTION: What about "Auction" type sales in general? There's other types of Auction Commissions than YCHs. There's Design Sales as well as a General Commission Auction (different from a YCH).


In addition to the YCH auctions, there should be support for a YCH that might be sold once or multiple times without having to bid! But the auction idea would be nice.... And a system like this could work for other things too such as adoptables or other such art auctions.