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I prefer BB Code the most. It's easy to understand and remember. It makes it really hard for me to type like I normally do with markdown. It's a super pain in the butt. I use * ALL the time.

I'd love to see who actually favs my work. And I'd love for others to know that I faved their stuff.

Are you talking about the Import feature FurAffinity to FurryNetwork gallery thing? FurAffinity is the site that has a BETA/CLASSIC mode if that is what you are looking at. FurAffinity's BETA messes with the Import Feature.

When I go to a profile I check: Their Art, Their Announcemenets, Their Favorites (Is there no favorites section?), and I guess their Promotions, too! I don't really need to see that someone followed someone or commented on something every second. It also washes away the previous things mentioned pretty fast.

XD I commented on my own post and it showed up in the feed. I thought that was really redundant.

I often make images with transparent backgrounds, so to have it so that transparent backgrounds work out a little better with the site would be fantastic.

I am having the Same issue. As soon as click SAVE after entering tags, it just won't save.

Moppie! I had a 2 character Tag, and when I removed it, I was able to save. It's sad, though, because that meant I had to remove my character's Name from the tags so that it would save. I hope that this issue is something that could be looked at.

What I thought "New Character" was: To be able to quickly change between characters.
How I felt: Wait... What about a main profile? I don't get it. I need a business profile first. Why is my main account a character and not a profile?

What I know now: "Add Character" is actually "Add Account Profiles" with the ability to customize info entirely to the point you can make it specifically for alternate accounts of varying reasons. Be it Business, RP, a Separate NSFW account, etc.
How I feel: Oooh, i am so glad I looked this up. That's less confusing now. Now it' something very helpful. I was about to make OC Profiles and find out the hard way what these were actually for specifically. It's cool that having all that under one account is available. How it's titled is confusing. I think there should be a FAQs section describing how these Alt Profiles work. i haven't made one yet, but from what I'm reading, they act as entirely different accounts than your "Main"? I hate trying to check out new features without know anything about them and what using them does.

Things I wonder (without "Adding New Characters"):
1. Are they Separate "Accounts" all together just linked by your main?
2. Do you have to go to that sub profile to view Notifications for it?
3. Can other people see that the profiles are linked?