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It's available in Chrome on my end, as long as you're on PC (or a tablet supposedly). You should be able to click on the image, and then scroll up and down with the mousewheel to zoom. If it still isn't working, check if you have any browser extensions that could interfere with it. (Extensions like NoScript and ScriptSafe could possibly cause this)

It's a different story on mobile phones however, the zoom feature seems to be disabled for the mobile layout. This is where the zoom feature would be most useful.

You're right, this definitely isn't working on mobile phones. In fact, if you open up a submission on PC and then resize the browser window until it switches to mobile view, FN will remove the ability to click on an image and zoom in further.

Oh lol. Never ended up using Inkbunny, but it's cool that they've got multi-page submissions as well. Doing a little reading, it seems they allow .zip upload for this very purpose (as well as for bulk uploads, but FN already has that figured out).

This may be related to a known issue:

Are your uploaded submissions hanging on 100% like the above issue, or are they doing something else entirely? What browser (plus browser version) are you using, operating system, etc?

I can see two crucial reasons for allowing YouTube (and Vimeo) embeds.

  1. Though FN provides native support for video uploads, as the site grows, videos will only continue to be the largest consumer of bandwidth and server space. Allowing for external embeds would offset this a great deal in the long run.
  2. The eventual support for importing submissions from Weasyl. Weasyl supports external embeds from a good number of sites, and many people (musicians, animators, and game developers) make use of embeds to showcase their work. Implementing this same support for embeds on FN will make the Weasyl import process much smoother.

Worth noting, the name of the feature has been a major point of discussion for a while already. The use of "Characters" hasn't been immediately clear to many users (even less so to those who aren't fluent in English), whereas "Profiles" would stand a far better chance.

What you're seeing is actually the standard view image being used for zoom-view, instead of the image file that's available for download (which is what should be used for zoom-view).

Weremangus brought this up in the original thread suggesting the zoom feature. Zoom could definitely use a few fixes and additions to make it a more useful feature.

When you're all logged into Furry Network:

You're not the first to miss it, don't worry! I've had to point a couple friends in the right direction as well.

There's an earlier thread about bringing a journal system to FN here:

Might as well keep all the votes in one place, so the feature stands a better chance of being addressed.

I'd especially like a "submit content" button. It's half the point of the site, after all!