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My suggestion would be to associate this feature with some kind of mutual "friends" system where only your friends or people you approve can look at all your activity.

Even then, it wouldn't be necessary. Twitter tried it once, and all it did was litter the notifications tab. It didn't last.

When I'm looking at a user's page, I want to see the works they've recently posted, and maybe check on recent status messages in case anything's happened. But right now, FN's activity history causes a ton of clutter for profile pages. Half the notifications visible are "User 1 @user1 followed User 2 @user2". I can't see why anyone besides myself would ever want/need that info.

* "User 1 @user1 followed User 2 @user2"

Forgot that the support forum doesn't use markup like the rest of the site, oops.

Upping this. I'd especially like to be able to hide my activity history from my profile, I'm not even sure why FN posts it. Littering profiles with messages like "**User 1** @user1 followed **User 2** @user2" only makes it harder for everyone to see recently uploaded submissions and status messages.

I encountered a similar issue while trying to use "3d" as a tag, it seems tags need to have a minimum number of characters in order to be valid.

Adding to this: No matter how much an image is zoomed in, the view is cropped to the image's aspect ratio. This presents an obvious problem with tall images.

Besides this, this zoom-in mode could be improved further. The site is already designed to allow as much vertical real-estate for images as possible without having to scroll (y'all are awesome for doing that, btw). Because of this, there's currently very little immediate benefit to full-viewing an image — the user will almost always have to zoom in before they see more detail.

One way to address this would be to automatically scale the image to max-width (leaving height as "auto"). This takes one extra step away from the user, and it ensures that at the very least, the image will either be at 100% scale or take full advantage of the space provided. Image mock-ups below with notes, using this submission as an example.

Just want to note, a hard refresh seemed to fix this for me! CTRL+F5 in Firefox.

Deeefinitely would like to have this right now. I tried to be so careful about the order of the submissions I was posting, but accidentally uploaded the wrong version of a file for an older piece. I don't really want old work right at the top of my page.

I'm getting the same issue with 4.14mb and 2.96mb GIFs. I previously uploaded a 959kb GIF without issue.

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data


This is with Firefox 46.0.1, running on Windows 10 (64-bit). Also tried uploading through Chrome, same issue again.

A "Getting Started" guide for new members that covers general usage of Furry Network, including how to set up your profile, uploading your first submission or journal, and how to manage notifications. It'd also be a great place to go over Furry Network's big features. (eg: intended use of "Characters")

Using "Characters" in any extent immediately implies that it's related to works of fiction, and there's really no way around that. It's far less confusing to simply call it what it is: a Profile.